“It takes fire..”

It’s Saturday and that means only one thing, another weekend of the best tunes, the best booze and the best atmosphere in town at The Howlin’ Wolf.

Tonight we’ve got Wendy Rae & JB Taton providing our live music from 6pm, this acoustic duo are certain to get our night off to a flyer, so don’t be late!
After that we’ve got the devilishly handsome DJ Darren Rococo from 11pm right through until 3am, http://premier-pharmacy.com playing his unique blend of Blues, Soul & Rock’N’Roll.

We’ve added another new face to the gantry as well, just to top off a great weekend..

“It takes fire to make Jack, and Jack to make Fire.”
Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire is an expert blend of Old No. 7 and fiery hot Cinnamon liqueur. Have it on the rocks, straight up or with your favourite mixer, we leave the decision up to you..